Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BioTester Demo

Here is a demo of the BioTester before it gets sent out to a customer. The BioTester is the best Biomedical Equipment Tester on the planet and we say that with 20 years of experience in the Biomedical field. Most ECG simulators are either very basic at around $500 with no screen, or come with a screen and cost $1500. The BioTester is priced midway but closer to the $500 units. It has the same or better features as the more expensive units. As for China, the cheapest simulator from there is currently $900 but is very bulky. Features of the BioTester are:

  • Auto Power Off - 4 minutes default
  • User ID screen (in case unit is lost)
  • Backlight - set to 10seconds to conserve battery life
  • Full 10 lead Full function ECG simulator
  • Respiration simulator from 0.1 to 10.0 Ohms
  • Stimulator Tester - this is unique to the BioTester